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Total Fitness Jerk – Fat Loser To Ripped Hunk


Total Fitness Jerk – Fat Loser To Ripped Hunk

Your home and car require daily maintenance.

Your health and appearance are no exception. That’s why The Fitness Jerk keeps working even after you’re ripped. It was intended as a roadmap for staying in shape for life.

You now have a choice. You can resign yourself to being fat and unfit – and abandon hope of getting laid, ever. You will also probably die young due to obesity-related disease (by that time, it’ll be a relief).

Or, you can choose to carry out the four simple things in The Fitness Jerk:

1. Follow the clear nutritional instructions in the book.

2. Follow the simple exercise instructions that really WORK.

3. Avoid supplements & crash diets that hurt & don’t help.

4. Be consistent and dedicated to long-term self-improvement.

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